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The Deluxe Set

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The Deluxe Set
The Deluxe Set
The Deluxe Set - My Sticky Buddy
The Deluxe Set - My Sticky Buddy
The Deluxe Set

These reusable, eco-friendly lint rollers pick up dog hair 🐶, cat hair 🐱, lint, crumbs, and dirt lightning-fast, saving you hundreds of dollars every year on disposable rollers.

How does it work? The special silicone material is super sticky when dry, but slippery when wet. This allows you to rinse the Sticky Buddies clean under hot water, then go right back to cleaning.

Use the regular size, Sticky Buddy, for everyday use on your clothes and furniture. The little Travel Buddy goes with you everywhere, and it's great for small spaces and quick touch-ups, and the Big Stick It Pro is for the big jobs and hard to reach spots like under the bed and couches.

All of the sizes come with our patented "magic rubber fingers," which you can use for that stubborn pet hair that's stuck in your fabrics and carpets.

Not for the faint of heart, the meek or the mild. The deluxe set is our most professional set.

This is it, folks. This is the whole shebang! 

With this set, you are now prepared to handle any mess and any hairy situation you’re in.

You got this! 💪


Included in this package:

1 - Stick It Pro

1 - Everyday Sticky Buddy

2 - Travel Buddies

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