My Sticky Buddy comes with a Lifetime Warranty, if you need to reach us for a warranty replacement. Please email warranty@mystickybuddy.com


The best way to bring your sticky buddy back to life is to wash it with HOT water and a plain dish soap (make sure the dish soap you are using is not the “hand renewal” or “antibacterial” kind)
The rollers will get a greasy build up from use and you have to use your fingers to wash them really good and get rid of the build up. Also after you are done washing it you can always use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the roller to make it extra sticky!
Please keep in mind that when the rollers are wet they are NOT sticky, so if you need to use them again right after you wash them please make sure and dry them with a towel.
Lastly, if you are working with lots of pet hair, always let the magic rubber fingers do most of the work. Use them like a little rake to get all the excess hair and anything that’s imbedded in your fabrics and then use the sticky part for the “detail work” 
If you use the rollers where you have a lot of hair they will get full super fast and you’ll have to keep washing them repeatedly where as if you use the magic fingers first, you’ll be able to get a much larger area done without having to wash them as often.
If for whatever reason this doesn’t solve your problem please let us know.