The Everyday Buddy

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The Everyday Buddy
The Everyday Buddy

Imagine all the hair, crumbs, lint, dirt, and dust ALL disappear. It’s not magic, but it sure feels that way. 

We’ve concocted the perfect mixture of rubber and Silicone so that My Sticky Buddy always stays sticky without leaving behind any residue. Now you can roll away any mess with ease.

And the best part, it’s reusable! Just wash it with hot water and soap, air dry, and My Sticky Buddy is ready to use again!

As a bonus feature, we’ve given My Sticky Buddy some Magic Fingers to help you with embedded messes. Ground-in pet hair, cat litter, birdseed, dirt, it all comes out easily as you rake the Magic Fingers along any surface.

Any surface!?!? That’s right! My Sticky Buddy is great on all your clothes, from silk and satin, suede, vinyl, and fleece, to cotton and polyester. It’ll keep you looking sharp!

Also, use My sticky Buddy for the furniture, in your car, and under the bed.


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