The Travel Buddy

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The Travel Buddy
The Travel Buddy - My Sticky Buddy
The Travel Buddy - My Sticky Buddy



Hey Buddy, let’s go on an adventure together! 

Travel Buddy is a smaller version of My Sticky Buddy, so it’s great on the go! 

Travel Buddy folds up and fits in your pocket, your purse or in your glove box. Just pop it open when you need a quick touch up.

Have one around the office and you’ll be a professional in no time, or at least look like one. 

Travel Buddy can be cleaned with hot water in a nearby restroom or folded up and cleaned later. How convenient!

Travel Buddy also comes with Mini Magic Fingers to help you clean out small spaces. Get into the nooks, crannies, cracks, and crevices and pull out any mess. 

Do you have lint in your life? It’s time to strive for a lintless existence with a Travel Buddy!


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